Terms and Conditions

I set out below, my terms and conditions for medico-legal work.  Please note my terms for attendance at Court. In the event that I am required to attend Court, I require written confirmation from you that in the event I am called, my fees will be met in full. 

Reports and qualifying work and conferences with counsel

Fees are based upon an hourly rate of £150.00, being to provide an assessment of a specialised and unusual nature, as defined in the Legal Aid Agency Guidance on the Remuneration of Expert Witnesses, Section 2.2.  In cases where I am required to produce a report within 14 days of assessment, I will charge an hourly rate of £180.00.

Attendance at court as a professional/expert witness

On the basis of £150.00 per hour.  If a court appearance is cancelled or rescheduled at less than 72 hours notice, I will levy a cancellation charge of 50% of the attendance fee, and if cancelled within 24 hours, the full fee will be charged.

Travel expenses

Charged at the mileage rate of 45 pence per mile, in addition to accommodation costs, subsistence and flight costs (if applicable).  In cases where I have to travel to assess patients, travelling time will be charged at a rate of £40.00 per hour. 

Cancellations and non-attendance

If a patient cancels an appointment within one week and the appointment cannot be re-allocated, a fee of £240 per assessment appointment will be charged.  If the client does not attend a confirmed appointment, a full sessional rate will be charged. For tasks already undertaken, and expenses already accrued, 100% of those parts of the fee will be charged. 

Other matters

Please ensure that I receive all GP and hospital records, along with Statements and Depositions (if relevant).  I will dispose of all medical records confidentially after use, unless you instruct me otherwise.  Please do not send x-rays.

Payment Terms

Payment will be made within 90 days by cheque or BACS. If it is necessary to send a reminder, a surcharge will apply which will be the greater of £40 (in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Interest Act 1998, as amended (to incorporate the European Directive 2000/35/EC) by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002), or 15% of the total. Interest will be claimed at 8% over the Bank of England's base rate.

These terms and conditions will cover all assignments accepted by the Psychologist. At least 14 days written notice will be given for any changes to the terms and conditions.

Booking Agreement

Completion of this form comprises a contract between the Booking Person and Jim Cromwell as per the terms and conditions. Please only complete this form after confirming with Jim.

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