A globalised solar-powered future is wholly unrealistic – and our economy is the reason why

This comprehensive article from Alf Hornborg in The Conversation is exactly my position on environmental/economic change.

It’s the rules which are the issue – not those who win.  Theera Disayarat/Shutterstock.com

It’s the rules which are the issue – not those who win. Theera Disayarat/Shutterstock.com

“The only way to change the game is to redesign its most basic rules. To attribute climate change to an abstract system called capitalism – but without challenging the idea of all-purpose money – is to deny our own agency. The “system” is perpetuated every time we buy our groceries, regardless of whether we are radical activists or climate change deniers. It is difficult to identify culprits if we are all players in the same game. In agreeing to the rules, we have limited our potential collective agency. We have become the tools and servants of our own creation – all-purpose money.”

Limb Isolation Trick

Quite often, I’ll achieve a great throwline throw over the perfect limb, only to lose it when trying to isolate it because the throwbag snags on the far side and jumps clear of the limb I want. This alternative approach occurred to me this morning:

This might be old news to seasoned climbers, but it only occurred to me today…

Nice Slender Pine

Climbed this in the sun this afternoon…


On setting up I learned two things: 1) My big shot will just shoot a 14oz bag to the highest point my throwline will go over and still reach the ground. 2) My throwline is exactly the same length as my rope. Thus, my rig looked like this as I clipped in…..


After that, though it was just a lovely ascent through the void… well, through the holly bush and creepers mucking up the bottom of the tree, and the many pine cones wanting to get into my t-shirt.